Here we go… again!


Hi everyone!
It’s been a while since our last post!
We’ve been busy with new things not ready yet to let you know… but, in the meantime… you can take a look to something we have in mind right now.
Maybe our Manolito is growing up…


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33 Recomana: Waltz around the world


Recently, we made for the tv show 33 Recomana, of TV3 / C33 channel, this piece based on the history of the Strauss family and the traditional waltzes concert by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra’s New Year’s Day.

The challenge was to tell this story with only nine illustrations and hardly a few animated effects. We are very happy with the result!
It was really a pleasure to collaborate with the program team!
Take a look!

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New Genius Illustrated Album


Hi everyone!
These days, it was available for a limited time, at the libraries of the city and some of the towns of Barcelona, as a Christmas gift, the new Genius Album Illustrated!
With an Anna Manso‘s text, and illustrations by Txesco Montalt it explains on paper, the first story of our dear friends from the children’s website of the network of libraries of Diputació de Barcelona.
I hope everybody here has got his own!

You can also see some pictures of the book and a couple of posters, one about the book, and the other is about the 25th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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Manual Il.lustrat del Bon Boletaire


This autumn we’ve been so lucky to collaborate with TV3 in their classic show “Caçadors de Bolets“, in its eleventh consecutive year on air,
with a small section called “Manual Il.lustrat del Bon Boletaire” that, in a funny way, tries to explain what you should not do, when you go to the mountain looking for mushrooms.

It’s been a pleasure working with all the show team, and we had also the help of Joseba Zabala (Von Josenfed) with the animation.

Here you could see a video with the best moments!

Good hunting!!!


Manual Il.lustrat del Bon Boletaire from AllaKinda on Vimeo.

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Asani/Kaidee TV Spots


Once again, we’ve collaborated with BonitaIdea carrying out the  illustration and animation for this series of tv spots and some internet pieces for Asani and Kaidee, both webs for selling and buying any kind of stuff.
The main idea is to promote a web to put people in contact for buy and sell in an easy and fast way.

We have also had the help of “Von Josenfed” (Joseba Zabala) with some animations.

Here you can take a look at the two main spots.

Kaidee Tv Spot from AllaKinda on Vimeo.

Asani Tv Spot from AllaKinda on Vimeo.

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Adventures in Shapeland


Hey! Do you know StarringYouBooks?.

You can take a look at our last collaboration with Jib Jab, Adventures in Shapeland.
Cast your children (or you.. why not?) in this magic and funny travel along this land of all kind of shapes!

Alla Kinda is responsible of design and animation, and had a great time, working again with JibJab .

Hope you enjoy it in whatever device you prefer!


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The Police Officer is here!


Hey! You got already available in the Songs About Professions by StoryBots, The Police Officer!
Again, it has been a pleasure working with Jib Jab, creating this animated piece. Alla Kinda has taken care of the creative and animation. Again, a friendly song and a great opportunity to cast the younger by Starring You in their favorite profession. Have you ever thought about being an agent of law and order?

Now you can try how the uniform fits you!


  • Secuencia 01.Imagen fija003
  • Secuencia 01.Imagen fija008
  • Secuencia 01.Imagen fija010
  • Secuencia 01.Imagen fija012
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