Genius and friends

Genius and friends

Hi all!
These days we’re gonna show a few strokes of our work for Genius, the new site for children of the library network of the Barcelona’s Provincial Council. Maybe we could start with the main characters and see some animation about them.
Here you can learn the history of Genius and his friends.

We could say that Genius is a kind of mutant, half boy, half machine. He has a USB forefinger to can connect through the virtual library and a scanner at the breast to collect all the graphic info he could find.

Genius is always accompanied by his faithful companion and also mutant Play-Me, who is half dog, half video game console! Do you remember SNES pad? An amazing creature that helps him along his travels.

Surfing the virtual library we can find more friends like Valentina, a daring and idealistic girl, with a lot of personality. She has an uncontrollable curiosity about almost everything. She is always reading, listening to music or watching movies.

Or Bit, a busted robot with a head compass and a 400 TB hard disc located inside of his chest. His memory and orientation are incredible. His job consists in sort the contents of the infinite library, it means that he has always a lot of work to do….

All together will explore the infinite virtual library!

  • powerisam

    24 July, 2012 at 0:41

    great!!!I love it.

  • Anna & co.

    25 July, 2012 at 12:34

    Lecker! Wunderbar! Gefällt mir. You are “Genius”!!!!

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