Genius Backgrounds

Genius Backgrounds

Hi there!
Following the visit to our new project, here you can take a look at some of the backgrounds created for Genius, the new site for children of the library network of the Barcelona’s Provincial Council.

The backgrounds at Genius are very important. They show us a part of the infinite library and from there we have access to different content.

The virtual library is a library in all places you can imagine, whether under the sea, in town or in space, and of course, it is endless!

In the infinite library, is common to find doors to impossible spaces. This is the gate to the virtual library, where books grow on trees and the hills plays old vynil singles. Lose yourself in the landscape while enjoying some reading.

In the jungle of the virtual library you can find from DVD-flowers, to musical palms, or  the Woody Allen monkey studying. Occasionally the volcano explodes spitting all kinds of content to the library!

Under the sea you could find our friend Valentina enjoying some reading. Here the fishes go up and down always working to distribute library content. Even the octopuss has more work than he can take. Check out these sticky creatures, though they seem to do anything in particular, they spend their time imagining contents,later turned into letters, that come out of the reef, forming the contents of the infinite library!

In the playground we can find elements dedicated to the youngest, a kite, some wood pieces, puzzles, balloons, a mobile… all in a relaxing landscape … for the most childish section of the website.

Lost at the infinity of  space. Who knows, maybe we could find intelligent life out there?

This is the game section of Genius, where you can see a clear Influence of the typical old Nintendo or Sega Mega Drive video games … We could not leave without tribute games like Tetris, Donkey Kong, the favourites from around the world for decades.

In the underground we can see this kind of Oompa-Loompa that driven by Bit, they’re always very busy selecting contents that goes up to the library. We can also see how some subjects are cooking  before becoming library contents. Mmmm… Yummy!

The bustling city, a mixture of different people, all coming and going to their occupations in their respective vehicles, public transport, walking or cycling, they form a unique tapestry of stories always available in the infinite library!

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