Genius Character Development

Genius Character Development


We want to dedicate this post to explain the development that took the character designs, specifically, Genius and Valentina.

First, we want to show the initial idea that we had about the main character. In this animation you can see the first outlines of Genius, from a couple of premises given by the project management. It was still far away from what it had to be.

The design showed a character too childish for what they wanted, also our proposal of the scanner at the chest, does make him look more like a mutant or a robot, than a human child. So we looked for a more youthful and urban clothing, and we solved the scanner with integrating it into the sweater. Another element we try to maintain at every stage of design, and ultimately was put aside, was the bulb cap.

We were closer! Still, we wanted to investigate a little further the character’s clothing.

In the end, this was the final design, we liked more the little Genius, but from the direction of the project, they thought he still had to grow a couple of years, representing about 11 years old.
Now, we’re so used to seeing him like this, that it doesn’t seem to have gone through this process.
For Valentina the premises were as follows: A teen superhero, a little older than Genius, feminine and dynamic, that devours the library contents. Our first idea was too cutie, so we tried to give it a more foolish and eccentric roll.

As happened with Genius, they asked us make her more adult, and in this case, also more feminine. We tried it with more sinuous shapes,switching the skirt for a dress, heeled boots and long hair.

We were approaching the typical “Bond girl”

Handbrake! We had passed them by … The project management recognized that they’re reaching the usual stereotypes. So we took a step back, recovering an earlier age and a look more “know-all”.

After several color tests with the other characters, this was the final design. The other characters had a similar process.

This was the starting point for the entire graphic development for the website Genius.

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