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When our friend Oscar Julve, told us about his idea of making an animated short with his Gran Circo Capuccino super fun character, Divina Lomax, we face an authentic challenge. We never before have been in the position of have to animate tons of dancing body fat, like big jelly pudding in a city bus! […]

Manolito’s Dream at KLIK FESTIVAL

It seems that our Manolito’s strange trip has taken him this time to Amsterdam, where you will have the occasion to enjoy a new edition of the KLIK Festival this November. This year they’re celebrating Cartoon Modern, the era that changed the look of animation forever, with the help of guest curator Amid Amidi (from […]

ÀnecBlau Spots

ÀnecBlau Spots BonitaIdea offered us collaborate in carrying out this series of tv spots for ÀnecBlau, a shopping center located in Castelldefels, near Barcelona. We had worked for them before, making a few small animated gifs for the web. In this case they set out to make three spots of 20 seconds each, emphasizing the […]