New Decorative Vinyl Stickers

New Decorative Vinyl Stickers

You have available, more new Alla Kinda Decorative Vinyl Stickers.
This time in the shape of colorful totem poles that you can combine as you prefer!
Stick them as you like, try different combinations, since all the pieces can be placed in any position of totem.

Let your kids play with it, test and decide the way they like it most!

As always, you can find it in Stickway, where you can always customize your order.
Take a look at their great selection of Author Vinyls.

You can give a different touch, fun and colorful to your kids room.


  • totem01
  • totem01A
  • totem01b
  • totem02
  • totem02b
  • totem03b
  • totem04
  • totem04b
  • totem05
  • DaviannaDavis

    28 December, 2015 at 6:36

    Cute Decorative Vinyl Stickers.

  • JacksonKell

    12 January, 2016 at 6:49

    Nice stickers for Kids.

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