StoryBots Christmas Special Animated Video

StoryBots Christmas Special Animated Video

Super happy to collaborate again with Jib Jab with a 2D animated video clip for the StoryBots Christmas Special on NetFlix. Here you can take a look to the trailer.
This Holyday Season you can’t miss it!

The StoryBots are back on Netflix with an all-new original holiday special! Join Beep, Boop, Bing, Bang and Bo as they travel to the North Pole in “A StoryBots Christmas,” premiering December 1st exclusively on Netflix.

  • Storybots_Christmas_Special.Imagen fija001
  • Storybots_Christmas_Special.Imagen fija002
  • Storybots_Christmas_Special.Imagen fija101
  • Storybots_Christmas_Special.Imagen fija003
  • Storybots_Christmas_Special.Imagen fija004
  • Storybots_Christmas_Special.Imagen fija005
  • Storybots_Christmas_Special.Imagen fija006
  • Storybots_Christmas_Special.Imagen fija009
  • Storybots_Christmas_Special.Imagen fija008
  • Storybots_Christmas_Special.Imagen fija010
  • Storybots_Christmas_Special.Imagen fija011
  • Storybots_Christmas_Special.Imagen fija012
  • Storybots_Christmas_Special.Imagen fija013
  • Storybots_Christmas_Special.Imagen fija015
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