This is the children new site of the library network of the Diputació de Barcelona, Genius, for which we have created new characters, illustrations and animations.
There are four characters who will join us and will show children the performance of the site, boarding with them on different adventures.

Maybe we could start with the main characters and see some animation about them.
Here you can learn the history of Genius and his friends.

We could say that Genius is a kind of mutant, half boy, half machine. He has a USB forefinger to can connect through the virtual library and a scanner at the breast to collect all the graphic info he could find.

Genius is always accompanied by his faithful companion and also mutant Play-Me, who is half dog, half video game console! Do you remember SNES pad? An amazing creature that helps him along his travels.

Surfing the virtual library we can find more friends like Valentina, a daring and idealistic girl, with a lot of personality. She has an uncontrollable curiosity about almost everything. She is always reading, listening to music or watching movies.

Or Bit, a busted robot with a head compass and a 400 TB hard disc located inside of his chest. His memory and orientation are incredible. His job consists in sort the contents of the infinite library, it means that he has always a lot of work to do….

All together will explore the infinite virtual library!

Following the visit to our new project, here you can take a look at some of the backgrounds created for Genius, the new site for children of the library network of the Barcelona’s Provincial Council.

The backgrounds at Genius are very important. They show us a part of the infinite library and from there we have access to different content.

The virtual library is a library in all places you can imagine, whether under the sea, in town or in space, and of course, it is endless!



In the infinite library, is common to find doors to impossible spaces. This is the gate to the virtual library, where books grow on trees and the hills plays old vynil singles. Lose yourself in the landscape while enjoying some reading.



In the jungle of the virtual library you can find from DVD-flowers, to musical palms, or the Woody Allen monkey studying. Occasionally the volcano explodes spitting all kinds of content to the library!



Under the sea you could find our friend Valentina enjoying some reading. Here the fishes go up and down always working to distribute library content. Even the octopuss has more work than he can take. Check out these sticky creatures, though they seem to do anything in particular, they spend their time imagining contents,later turned into letters, that come out of the reef, forming the contents of the infinite library!



In the playground we can find elements dedicated to the youngest, a kite, some wood pieces, puzzles, balloons, a mobile… all in a relaxing landscape … for the most childish section of the website.



Lost at the infinity of space. Who knows, maybe we could find intelligent life out there?



This is the game section of Genius, where you can see a clear Influence of the typical old Nintendo or Sega Mega Drive video games … We could not leave without tribute games like Tetris, Donkey Kong, the favourites from around the world for decades.


In the underground we can see this kind of Oompa-Loompa that driven by Bit, they’re always very busy selecting contents that goes up to the library. We can also see how some subjects are cooking before becoming library contents. Mmmm… Yummy!

The bustling city, a mixture of different people, all coming and going to their occupations in their respective vehicles, public transport, walking or cycling, they form a unique tapestry of stories always available in the infinite library!

We did these videos with Oriol Vilaseca (laQuimera) for Genius, the new site for children of the library network of the Barcelona’s Provincial Council.
laQuimera was responsible for all of the filming and production of the video and Alla Kinda provided the design and the 2D animations. Enjoy how well these young actors do it!




More material from the Genius Web for hanging out! Here are some of the games that are becoming available on the web. Those are activities for kids, but maybe you want to prove your worth! Who knows if you’ll play later an entire adventure with our friends at Genius!

The programming of the games is made ​​by X-lives. Alla Kinda, as always, was in charge of design and animation.

Click the images below to play!!

And here you got a couple of animated postcards that you can send to your friends.

We also want to dedicate this post to explain the development that took the character designs, specifically, Genius and Valentina.

First, we want to show the initial idea that we had about the main character. In this animation you can see the first outlines of Genius, from a couple of premises given by the project management. It was still far away from what it had to be.

The design showed a character too childish for what they wanted, also our proposal of the scanner at the chest, does make him look more like a mutant or a robot, than a human child. So we looked for a more youthful and urban clothing, and we solved the scanner with integrating it into the sweater. Another element we try to maintain at every stage of design, and ultimately was put aside, was the bulb cap.

We were closer! Still, we wanted to investigate a little further the character’s clothing.

In the end, this was the final design, we liked more the little Genius, but from the direction of the project, they thought he still had to grow a couple of years, representing about 11 years old.
Now, we’re so used to seeing him like this, that it doesn’t seem to have gone through this process.

For Valentina the premises were as follows: A teen superhero, a little older than Genius, feminine and dynamic, that devours the library contents. Our first idea was too cutie, so we tried to give it a more foolish and eccentric roll.

As happened with Genius, they asked us make her more adult, and in this case, also more feminine. We tried it with more sinuous shapes,switching the skirt for a dress, heeled boots and long hair.

We were approaching the typical “Bond girl”

Handbrake! We had passed them by … The project management recognized that they’re reaching the usual stereotypes. So we took a step back, recovering an earlier age and a look more “know-all”.

After several color tests with the other characters, this was the final design. The other characters had a similar process.

This was the starting point for the entire graphic development for the website Genius.

Now we invite you to take a look the new artwork created for the winter tale “The snow monster”, written by Beatriz Barco and published on Genius, the website of the library network of the Council of Barcelona.

We’ve tried to give a new look to the illustrations adding new textures, the experiment has been fun and we look forward to repeat :^)

You could read the whole tale and also see the trailer we made as advertising at the web here:

During this holiday season you can visit the stand of the Barcelona Provincial Council at Children’s Festival this year. There you can play “The Game of Towns” and solve the riddles that raises a large map browsing illustrated by Alla Kinda!
This map is on a wall of 7×3 m. and the children are guided by a children’s entertainers to help them solve a series of riddles.
The game consists in placing the riddles over their respective areas, each riddle represents a value such as equality, respect for nature, education, health, culture … and so on.

Now you can access to new material from Gènius. First, a “Sant Jordi Special” was published in their web, commemorating the day of the book, offering different contents to celebrate this feast.


It was also published an advertisement in various media, to promote reading among younger people.


And it’s already available for reading the Gènius new tale!

Here is a small sample of the artwork we made for it.



These days, it was available for a limited time, at the libraries of the city and some of the towns of Barcelona, as a Christmas gift, the new Genius Album Illustrated!
With an Anna Manso‘s text, and illustrations by Txesco Montalt it explains on paper, the first story of our dear friends from the children’s website of the network of libraries of Diputació de Barcelona.
I hope everybody here has got his own!

You can also see some pictures of the book and a couple of posters, one about the book, and the other is about the 25th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.