Manolito’s Dream

What could have happened to our favorite hero, Manolito, to find himself in this situation?

Join us in the subconscious of Manolito to a fascinating journey back and forth and get carried away by strange beings through the rare landscapes of Manolito’s Dream!
Retrieving Manolito, our beloved character, now you can enjoy this short film by Alla Kinda. Music is an original score by Josep M. BaldomĂ 
If you are in Barcelona these coming days and you want to know what will happen, be sure to stop by Puck Cinema Caravana, the world’s smallest cinema! And attend the world premiere of Manolito’s Dream, at the Princesa’s gate of the Ciutadella’s Park:

Friday the 21st from 22 to 00.45

Saturday 22nd, Sunday 23th and Monday 24th from 12 to 20 and from 22 to 00.45.

Manolito’s Dream from AllaKinda on Vimeo.

Enjoy the selection of great animated shorts that you could see there! And bring the family with you!