“Som Cubí” Mural


“Som Cubí” is a project born of the need to give visibility to the public school in the town of Malgrat de Mar, in particular to the “Marià Cubí i Soler” school, located far from the center of the town and associated, in general terms and by most people, with immigration and lack of resources. It is a project in which the town hall and the school collaborate, and different initiatives are joined, on the one hand, the creation of a video (made by Tururut Media) to show the many positive aspects of the school and, on the other, the realization of a collaborative mural in a space located in the center of the town, in this case, next to the Municipal Market.
The making of the mural had different stages. First, the teachers at the center asked all the students in the school to draw a picture of what they liked or wanted to emphasize at the center. From their drawings, we selected the most recurring themes and proposed different designs for the school and the city council, according to the most successful concepts and thinking that they would be suitable for the future realization, in collaboration with The students.
Once the design was decided, we had a day with the students of both the 5th and 6th courses to proceed to paint the mural, which we had previously drawn on the wall. The design was partitioned from a grid, so that each student could draw and fill in a couple of squares with color. The materials used were acrylic paints, brushes and rollers.
On our own, dedicated another day to finishing out the details and giving a more polished and lasting finish.
The project was welcomed by the local people, who were very curious during its production and the wanted debate was created. It was also very satisfying in terms of collaboration with the students and the results achieved. At the moment it is possible to be visited in the Bellaire street of Malgrat de Mar, next to the Peixateries Velles Square and the Municipal Market.