Can you imagine a storybook unfolded in a truck?

We present El Secret de la Nanna! (Nanna’s Secret) Through our guest, Nanna, and her partner, Nonno, we can discover a fantastic world behind the box of her truck …
The Anna Roca Theater Company presents its new touring show.We invite you to discover there how our illustrations come to life in Nanna’s Fantastic Tale.
We have made this big leap from the screen to adapt ourselves to this new pop-up format inside a truck. Taking care of the outside design and illustration, the waiting area, and, of course the animations and inside pop-ups, it all has been a big challenge for us.
The show is an “Entre-Sort”, where, from the outside, you don’t know anything about the show you are going to watch! You have to trust Nonno, who is giving you some advices about your behavior inside the truck before the travel starts!
Do you want to know where to discover Nanna’s Secret? Here!!!