Mironins – En Blu i la pintura de la Pau

Mironins Episode Animatic

Lately we’ve been working on the animatics for “Mironins” the series. It’s about the adventures and relationship of three different drops of paint that live inside Joan Miró’s paintings. The action takes place inside the paintings and sometimes outside too, in the corridors or other locations of the Miró Foundation building. The series doesn’t have a didactic purpose, it rather has a vocation of entertainment, trying to bring art closer to children. It has 26 chapters, 7 minutes each. In this world, besides the three drops, a lot of secondary characters and different locations will appear. It was a challenge to single out the characters and integrate them with the rest of the show.

This is the animatic for the episode “Blue and the Peace Painting”  We found this one the most well compensated, regarding the staging and how the situation is developed and also because the conflict is given by the character differences between Ro and Low but, in the end, the answer comes with Blu. We can see how from a small, insignificant detail, the conflict is growing and involving more characters, turning the brawl into a large-scale conflict, with two opposing armies. Also by the analogy with the characters of Low (yellow color and straight line) and Ro (red color and dynamic line), and how these two colors ends up painting the whole stage.


Mironins Credits:

Direction: Mikel Mas Bilbao, Txesco Montalt

Script: Cristina Broquetas, Celia Rico

Music: Banjo Soundscapes

Production:  Cornelius Films, Flemish Audiovisual Fund, Hampa Studio, Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals (ICEC), Low Films, Peekaboo Animation, Radio Televisión Española (RTVE), Televisió de Catalunya (TV3), VRT – Flemish Television, Wuji House