It’s Alime!

Game - Art direction&Animation

Take a look to our collaboration with Pocketnaut. Providing the design, creation and animation for It’s ALIME, a game about a kind of Frankenstein’s monster character (half lemon, half lime) searching for his roots and fighting against the evil powers that have stolen what he loves above all in the world! Getting involved in the different tasks that a video game demands, it’s been such a challenge for us, like taking care of the animation of the different Al’s states or designing spaces where the character needs to interact. Here you can take a look of the different states of this funny character:

It’s Alime! from AllaKinda on Vimeo.
It’s been also a funny experience being part of the crew of Chema Bonilla (Pocketnaut) that gave us room and confidence developing our part of this project!

We are excited to share with you “IT’S ALIME!” now available as an “open beta” in the Google Play store:
Hope you enjoy playing this game!