Tribeca Film Festival

Projection Mapping - Art direction&Animation

We’re proud to have been able to collaborate, with some other authors, in a projection mapping art piece in NYC, for Tribeca Film Festival, with the National Media Services, well known in New York as the best guerrilla projection company.

The Tribeca project is the first of a series of creative projection mapping projects they’ll executing every month from now until November. The goal of this project was to select a rather anonymous looking building located centrally to the events taking place during the Tribeca Film Festival and bring it to life with stunning dynamic visuals.u can see our piece here, on April 24th, projected on a building 100ft tall at Cross Streets of Hudson & Worth, NYC (Tribeca)

It consists of a compilation of our classic animations joined by a new character. It’s been incredible to have a canvas of this size!
Hope we could participate again!